Best Corporate Gifts for Autistic Children, Teenagers and Adults

Best Corporate Gifts for Autistic Children, Teenagers and Adults

We are now back at the gift-giving season. Even if you do it every year, the process of choosing gifts for your friend and loved ones should not be taken lightly., especially if you are buying for someone with autism.

If you owned a business and wanted to give corporate items to people on the autism spectrum, then choosing the right kinds of gifts is ideal. To make the process a bit easier, we will give you some ideas on what to give to an autistic person, whether it’s an adult, teenager or a child.

Noise-canceling headphones

There is no better way to distress than to put on high-quality noise-canceling headphones. A set of well-designed and comfortable headphones can help an autistic person escape a busy world. Hearing a lot of sounds, especially loud sounds can be painful to people on the autism spectrum due to hypersensitivity to sounds, so headphones can help them filter out the sounds that they find unnecessary.

Whether they like to listen to music or not, a good set of noise-canceling headphones can help them block out the sounds that they don’t want to hear. 

Lava lamp

These kinds of lamps make an incredible gift to autistic people because of its calming and relaxing effects. Aside from the calming lights, most lamps come with a soothing sound and a sweet smell which is beneficial for those with sensory processing difficulties.

These lamps are more recommended to be given to adults because they are hot to touch, so they might not be suitable for children.

Weighted blankets

Weighted blankets are already proven to be great for autistic people. They make a good calming gift because they move less on a person’s body once used. Some autistic people get distressed when lighter blankets stroke their skin when they sleep. Weighted blankets are ideal for helping people with autism get better sleep at night.

Sensory puzzle blocks

Puzzles can help satisfy the sensory craving of a person with autism. There are sensory puzzle blocks that come in different colors than can also satisfy the visual need of the person. This kind of gift is good for children to help them develop their motor skills as problem-solving skills.

When it comes to giving a gift to people with autism, it’s more important to know what their interests are. If you choose a gift that is related to their special interest, it can be very beneficial to them. It can give a positive effect and help reduce stress.

People on the autism spectrum are often judged and receive negative comments from many people. Sometimes, they are being bullied because of their special personalities. Giving a gift like a timer of 20 minutes or fidget toys that they can surely use, or something related to their interests is a great way of showing that they are being accepted. Talk to a family or a friend of the autistic person you are planning to give a gift and ask what their interests are or what kind of activity they enjoy. It may be something that can help them reduce their anxiety and stress or something they can use while they are outside.

Also, it’s best to tell them that you are giving them something. Some autistic people get distressed when they face a new situation or if they are being surprised. It would be helpful for them to know what to expect, so make the event less stressful as possible.

Remember, there is a difference in giving gifts to people with autism compared to giving gifts to normal people so make sure to adapt and choose something that would benefit them rather than giving them exceptional gifts that are of no use to them.